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Step by Step Sedation


The first step in the sedation process is the careful selection of your child, as someone that can benefit from the stress free experience that Dr, Tucker can provide. This will allow his or her teeth to be treated in one visit, as opposed to multiple visits, often with diminishing returns and more fear of the dentist. Once the treatment is completed, your child can start with a clean slate, and then maintenance can be accomplished without the fear or pain that often accompanies these little patients prior to treatment.

Once your child’s name and history is received by Dr. Tucker, she will review it and you will receive a call approximately 7 to 10 days prior to your scheduled procedure date. At that time, she will ask you a few questions, give you some instructions (when the patient can last eat or drink), tell you what to expect and also discuss payment. She will also be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have. Discussion prior to the procedure ,in the comfort of your own environment, will allow you time to think about all that was said without the anxiety of the procedure day. It will also allow you time to formulate any other questions, and you may call and ask at any time.


Step by Step

While you hold your child in your lap, Dr.Tucker will administer an injection to your child that will sedate them. This is done quickly and without a fuss. You may hold your child and comfort them until the sedative takes it’s full effect (about 5-10 minutes).

Once your child is sedated, she will take them from you and move them to the denists procedure room where her monitors are set up to watch blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels.  Then she will start an IV, and through that give more medication to put your child completely to sleep.  This is deep sedation not  general anesthesia like the hospital.

Once the treatment is completed by your dentist, you may come back to the recovery area right away, and will be there when your child wakes up.

Most children are ready to go home within approximately 30 minutes.


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